I have 11 years professional experience and have learned so much about our K9 companions and yet there is always more to learn.

The first question I always get asked from new clients is, "How does it work?" Well, I come to your home, attach a leash to your pup and go for a walk in your neighbourhood. I don't do group walks. There are many pups who are too small to run with the big boys. I walk pups who are afraid of other dogs or men or people with hats.  Not everyone wants their pups to frequent off leash parks where not all dogs are under control of their keepers.

I have 6 years experience handling dogs of all sizes in a professional manner at the Secord Animal Hospital in Toronto, taking dogs in and out of kennels, walking, and holding them for treatment.  However, I am not a certified dog trainer. If you are seeking a professional dog trainer, please do your homework and research. I treat my pups in my care with respect, love and kindness, I do not believe in corporal punishment or dominance.

My husband and I have been living in Ajax, Ontario for 11 years with our Pippi and Leeloo.




Durham Dog Walking and Pet Services is a licensed business with the province of Ontario, Canada, Bonded and Insured with PROfur Insurance.