Rates & Services

10% Senior's Discount applicable to all services.

30 Minute Walks are geared toward your dog's individual energy level be it slow or fast. Sniffing the environment is important stimulation for your pup.

Weekday Rate 19.00 per walk
Weekend Rate 20.00 per walk
Statutory Holiday Rate 25.00 per walk


Pet Visits cater to puppies, geriatric pets, toy dogs who need to get out for a short walk, pets that require medication or when you just can't get home in time for dinner. 

Weekday Rate 17.00 per visit 
Weekend Rate 18.00 per visit
Statutory Holidays add 10.00 per visit


Pet Sitting is for a single pet home, clean litter box or cage, water and feed.  If you have a canine companion, s/he will be walked.

 20.00 per day / 40.00 twice daily
Statutory Holidays add 10.00


Intensive Pet Sitting is for multiple pet households and may include clean litter boxes or small animal cages, feed & water all pets. Also recommended for pets who require medications or extra attention. 

 40.00 per day / 65.00 twice daily
Statutory Holidays add 10.00

All services are subject to HST. 

For your convenience, I accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal, personal cheques & cash.

Rates subject to change without notice.